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Английские фразовые глаголы (Phrasal Verbs)

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pan out

Translate: (no object): succeed; happen as expected (for plans). (almost always negative when in statements.)

Перевод: преуспевать; удаваться (как и было запланировано)

I'll be here next week after all. My trip to Chicago didn't pan out.

pass away

Translate: (no object): die

Перевод: умирать

I was very sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away.

pass out

  • Translate: (no object): faint; lose consciousness

    Перевод: терять сознание

    When Ella heard that she'd won a million dollars, she was so shocked that she passed out.

  • Translate: (separable): distribute

    Перевод: выдавать, раздавать (бесплатно)

    Everyone in the room needs one of these information sheets. Who will help me pass them out?

pick out

Translate: (separable): choose; select

Перевод: отличать, различать

Billy's grandmother especially liked her birthday card because Billy had picked it out himself.

pick up

  • Translate: (separable): lift; take up

    Перевод: поднимать

    Those books don't belong on the floor. Will you help me pick them up?

  • Translate: (separable): arrange to meet someone and give her/him a ride

    Перевод: заезжать, заходить (за кем-л.)

    Of course we can go there together. What time should I pick you up?

  • Translate: (separable): get; buy

    Перевод: покупать

    The children just drank the last of the milk. Could you pick some more up on your way home this evening?

  • Translate: (separable): refresh; revitalize

    Перевод: выздоравливать; восстанавливать силы

    He was feeling a little tired, so he drank a glass of orange juice. It picked him up enough to finish his work.

pick on

Translate: (inseparable): bully; intentionally try to make someone upset

Перевод: приставать (к кому-либо); дразнить (кого-либо)

You should be ashamed of teasing your little brother, Bob! Pick on someone your own size!

pitch in

Translate: (no object): help; join together to accomplish something

Перевод: вносить свою долю, вклад

We'll be finished soon if everyone pitches in.

pull over

Translate: (no object): drive a vehicle to the side of the rode

Перевод: съезжать на обочину и останавливаться

When the policeman indicated that I should pull over, I knew he was going to give me a ticket.

put away

Translate: (separable): return something to the proper place

Перевод: раскладывать по местам

I just took these clothes out of the dryer. Will you help me put them away?

put off

Translate: (separable): postpone; delay; avoid

Перевод: выключать; откладывать (что-л. на более поздний срок)

When will Mr. Smith agree to a meeting? I keep asking for an appointment, but he keeps putting me off.

put on

  • Translate: (separable): begin to wear; don

    Перевод: надевать

    It's a little bit chilly outside. You'd better put a sweater on.

  • Translate: (separable): try to make someone believe something that is ridiculous or untrue

    Перевод: прикидываться, притворяться

    Don't believe a word of what Jim was saying. He was just putting us on.

put up

  • Translate: (separable): return something to the proper place

    Перевод: класть на место

    Your toys are all over the floor, Timmy. Please put them up.

  • Translate: (separable): provide someone with a place to sleep

    Перевод: принимать на ночлег, давать приют (гостям)

    There's no need for you to check into a hotel. I'll be happy to put you up.

put up with

Translate: (inseparable): tolerate

Перевод: терпеть

It's really important to come to work on time. The boss won't put up with tardiness.

put back

Translate: (separable): return something to the proper place

Перевод: передвигать назад (стрелки часов); возвращаться (в гавань, к берегу); класть на место

I've finished with these books. Do you want me to put them back on the shelves?

put (someone) out

Translate: (separable): inconvenience someone

Перевод: выгонять; удалять, устранять;

I hate to put you out, but I need a ride to the train station and hope you can take me.