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Английские фразовые глаголы (Phrasal Verbs)

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make up

  • Translate: (separable): invent / create (imaginary) information

    Перевод: выдумывать, сочинять

    Judy's story is hard to believe. I'm sure she made it up.

  • Translate: (separable): compensate for something missed or not done by doing extra or equivalent work

    Перевод: возмещать, компенсировать; навёрстывать

    I'm sorry I missed the test. May I make it up?

make up (with)

Translate: (inseparable): re-establish a friendly relationship by admitting guilt

Перевод: мириться, возобновлять отношения

Jack and his girlfriend were very angry with each other, but last night they finally made up

make out

Translate: (separable): see / hear something well enough to understand what it means. (often negative.)

Перевод: разбираться (в чем-л.)

Ruth's writing is very small. I almost need a magnify glass to make it out.

make for

  • Translate: (inseparable): go to or toward

    Перевод: двигаться, тянуться к

    Her teen-aged children are always hungry. As soon as they arrive home from school, they make for the refrigerator.

  • Translate: (inseparable): result in; cause

    Перевод: делать что-то ради чего-л.

    Many hands make for light work. (If many people work together, there's less work for everyone.)

make fun of

Translate: (inseparable): make jokes about (usually unkindly)

Перевод: высмеивать кого-л., насмехаться

I agree that Bob looks ridiculous since he shaved his head, but don't make fun of him. You'll hurt his feelings.

mark up

Translate: (separable): increase the price (for resale)

Перевод: записывать на счёт, заносить в долг; повышать цену

Mrs. White's import shop is profitable because she buys things inexpensively and then marks them up.

mark down

Translate: (separable): reduce the price (as an incentive to buy)

Перевод: понжать цену

These shoes were really a bargain! The store marked them down by 40%!

mix up

Translate: (separable): cause to become confused

Перевод: перепутать

I didn't complete the assignment because I didn't know how. The directions mixed me up.