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Английские фразовые глаголы (Phrasal Verbs)

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lay off

Translate: (separable): dismiss someone from a job because of lack of work or money (not because of poor performance)

Перевод: перестать нанимать на работу, временно уволить; сократить из-за недостатка денег

I feel really sorry Sally's family. Her father was laid off yesterday.

leave out

Translate: (separable): forget; omit

Перевод: пропускать, забывать

Oh, no! When I made the list of those who attended the meeting, I left your name out!

let down

Translate: (separable): disappoint

Перевод: разочаровывать, подводить

I know I let you down when I didn't do what I promised. I'm really sorry.

let up

Translate: (no object): become less intense or slower

Перевод: ослабевать, снижать темп

It's been raining hard for a long time. Will it ever let up?

look back on

Translate: (inseparable): remember; reflect on / consider something in the past

Перевод: вспоминать, оглядываться в прошлое

When they looked back on their many years together, they realized that their marriage had been a very happy one.

look down on

Translate: (inseparable): hold in contempt; regard as inferior

Перевод: смотреть свысока

It's not surprising that Fred has few friends. He seems to look down on anyone who doesn't like the same things that he does.

look forward to

Translate: (inseparable): anticipate pleasantly; think about a pleasant thing before it happens

Перевод: ожидать с нетерпением; предвкушать

I'm really looking forward to vacation. I can't wait for it to begin!

look in on

Translate: (inseparable): visit in order to check something's / someone's condition

Перевод: заглядывать (к кому-л.)

My father just came home from the hospital. I plan to look in on him today after I finish work.

look into

Translate: (inseparable): investigate / get more details about something

Перевод: изучать, прорабатывать

Someone said there was a meeting at 9:30 but I haven't heard anything about it. Shall I look into it?

look like

Translate: (inseparable): resemble (in appearance)

Перевод: выглядеть как, походить, быть похожим

Does he look like his father or his mother?

look over

Translate: (separable): check; review

Перевод: тщательно изучать, проверять

I think I may have some typos in this report. Could you look it over?

look up

  • Translate: (separable): find something in a reference work

    Перевод: искать (что-л. в справочнике)

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what that word means. I'll have to look it up.

  • Translate: (separable): find where someone lives or works and visit him/her

    Перевод: навещать (кого-л.)

    Thanks for giving me your brother's address. When I'm in Chicago next month, I'll be sure to look him up.

look up to

Translate: (inseparable): respect

Перевод: уважать

Everyone looks up to Joyce because she always makes time to help others.

luck out

Translate: (no object): be unexpectedly lucky

Перевод: быть везучим; повезти

Gloria was worried because she wasn't prepared to give a report at the meeting, but she lucked out because the meeting was postponed.