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Английские фразовые глаголы (Phrasal Verbs)

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eat out

Translate: (no object): have a meal in a restaurant

Перевод: питаться вне дома

I'm too tired to cook tonight. Why don't we eat out?

egg on

Translate: (separable): urge / encourage greatly toward doing something (usually something negative)

Перевод: подбивать на (что-л.)

At first Bob and Chuck were just having a mild argument, but Bob's friends egged them on until they started fighting.

end up

  • Translate: (no object): finally arrive at; arrive at an unexpected place

    Перевод: прийти к; закончить (тем, что)

    We got lost last night and ended up in the next town.

  • Translate: (no object): arrive somewhere as a result or consequence

    Перевод: в результате оказаться (где-то)

    You're working too hard. If you don't take it easy, you'll end up in the hospital!