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Английские фразовые глаголы (Phrasal Verbs)

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face up (to)

Translate: (inseparable): admit to; take responsibility for

Перевод: быть готовым встретить (что-л.), брать ответственность (за что-л.)

You can't pretend that you're doing OK in this course, Joe. Sooner or later, you'll have to face up to the fact that you're failing it.

fall through

Translate: (no object): not happen. (describes something that was planned but didn't happen.)

Перевод: провалиться; потерпеть неудачу

We had originally intended to go to Mexico for our vacation, but our trip fell through when I got sick.

feel up to

Translate: (inseparable): feel strong enough or comfortable enough to do something

Перевод: быть в настроении, быть готовым сделать что-то

I know the accident was a terrible shock. Do you feel up to talking about it?

figure out

  • Translate: (separable): logically find the answer to a problem; solve a problem by thinking about it carefully

    Перевод: вычислять (логически)

    For a long time I couldn't understand the last problem, but I finally figured it out.

  • Translate: (separable): understand why someone behaves the way she/he does

    Перевод: понимать, постигать

    I can't figure Margie out. Sometimes she's very warm and friendly and sometimes she acts as if she doesn't know me.

fill in

Translate: (separable): add information to a form

Перевод: заполнять (форму, анкету)

The office needs to know your home address and phone number. Could you fill them in on this form?

fill in (on)

Translate: (separable): supply information that someone doesn't know

Перевод: предоставлять информацию о (чём-л.)

I wasn't able to attend the meeting yesterday, but I understand that it was important. Could you fill me in? / Could you fill me in on what was discussed?

fill in for

Translate: (inseparable): temporarily do someone else's work; temporarily substitute for another person

Перевод: временно заменять кого-л.

Professor Newton is in the hospital and won't be able to teach for the rest of the term. Do you know who's going to fill in for her?

fill out

  • Translate: (separable): complete a form by adding required information

    Перевод: заполнять (анкету); предоставлять требуемую информацию

    Of course I completed my application! I filled it out and mailed it over three weeks ago!

  • Translate: (no object): become less thin; gain weight

    Перевод: толстеть, округляться

    Jerry used to be really skinny, but in the last year he's begun to fill out.

find out (about)

Translate: (inseparable): learn / get information (about)

Перевод: узнать, разузнать, выяснить;

I'm sorry that you didn't know the meeting had been canceled. I didn't find out (find out about it) myself until just a few minutes ago.